Sunday, December 23, 2007

Record Releases Set For '08

Courtesy of Stereogum, click on this link to get an update of pending album releases for 2008. For those who have a problem with getting music for free, Radiohead's In Rainbows is being released in CD form on January 1st. Other notable releases for the fast arriving new year include Black Mountain, Matt Costa, Cat Power, Whigs, The Mars Volta, Vampire Weekend, The Mountain Goats and many others. Also, the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller arrives in February. And Robert Pollard has an album on the horizon. It's about time, Robert.

Apparently 25 years ago this guy made the Thriller album.


Travis said...

Did you happen to catch the title of the new Lenny Kravitz album?

Alex said...

According to wiki he has two releases set for this year. One entitled "It's Time for a Love Revolution" and the other entitled "Funk". Both appear to be highly mockable.

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