Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Shows in DC

DC shows for April are here. I'm rather new to the area and still learning all the venues so please feel free to fill in the blanks for whatever I may have missed in the comments.

Wed 4/02

BoDeans, GB Leighton @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Jens Lekman, The Honeydrips, Marla Hansen @ Black Cat 8pm

Twin Earth, Women @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Thurs 4/03
Ethan Miller (of Comets on Fire), Justin Jones and the Driving Rain @ DC9 9pm

Boredoms, Soft Circle, Black Pus @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Must Love Trash, Gaslight Society, Jared Friedman and Gabriel Miller-Phillips 9pm

Kimya Dawson, Angelo Spencer, Spoonboy @ Black Cat 8pm

Fri 4/04
Les Savy Fav, The Big Sleep, The Dodos @ Black Cat 9pm

Apes, Health, True Womanhood @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Sat 4/05
Mike Doughtys Band, the Panderers @ 9:30 Club 8pm

The Luckouts, Downtown Harvest, Tiger & the Snow @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Wooly Mammoth, Bellman Barker, My Robot Friend @ DC9 10:30pm

Sun 4/06
Carbon/Silicon (featuring Mick Jones of the Clash and Tony James of SUN), Matt Pond PA @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Red Room, Food For Thought @ Black Cat 8pm

Food For Animals, Eat Forever, Snack Truck @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Aloha, Anathallo, Roofwalkers @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Mon 4/07
Saul Williams, Dragons @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Dirty Projectors, No Kids @ Black Cat 9pm

Ambulance LTD, Wild Light, Bear Hands @ Rock and Roll Hotel @ 8:30pm

Tues 4/08
The Beanstalk Library, Bottles/Cans, PS24 (National Coalition for the Homeless Benefit) @ Black Cat 8:30pm

Skaters, Dolphins Into the Future, Ilya Monosov, Zac Davis (of Lambsbread), The Cutest Puppy in the World @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

People Noise @ DC9 8pm

Wed 4/09
Murder by Death, O'Death, Kiss Kiss @ Black Cat 8pm

Riddle of Steel, City of Ships @ DC9 8pm

Hello Society, Snarky Puppy @ Velvet Lounge 9:30pm

The Last Goodnight, I Nine, Honor By August @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Thurs 4/10
Joe Jackson, Mutlu @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Yeasayer, Ponytail @ Black Cat 8pm

Studly Moses, The Tim Egan Band @ DC9 8:30pm

Fri 4/11
Hot Chip, Free Blood @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Turbojugend, Party with Blondsai, The Shirks, The Cheats @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

VHS Or Beta, Tigercity, US Royalty @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Sat 4/12
Nada Surf, Kaki King & the Jealous Girlfriends @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Parachute Musical, Closer Lee & the Heavy Seas, Modern Skirts @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

The Dance Party, Olympia, Ra Ra Rasputin, Mother, Dj Cale @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Sun 4/13
Colin Meloy, Laura Gibson @ 9:30 Club 8pm

These United States, Wye Oak @ Black Cat 9pm

Three Faces of Eve, Battlemaster, Jefferson Plane Crash, Monarch @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Mon 4/14
The New Pornographers, Okkervil River @ 9:30 Club 7pm

The Dreaming, Vera Mesmer, Half Past My Sin @ Black Cat 9pm

Tues 4/15
The New Pornographers, Okkervil River @ 9:30 Club 7pm

Casey Neill, Little Pink @ Black Cat 9pm

Public Record, The Mantras, Doug Bailey @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Wed 4/16
Rogue Wave, Grand Ole Party @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Dead Meadow, Ancient Sky @ Black Cat 9pm

Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, Garland of Hours, Tom Greenwood & Joanne Robertson, Vampire Hands @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Thurs 4/17
Autechre, Massonix, Rob Hall @ Black Cat 8pm

The Holy Attack, Trouble Vs. Glue, Lights @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Disfear, Triac, Parasytic, Time of the Wolf, Police and Thieves 8pm

Fri 4/18
Aaron Karo @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Unorthodox, Yell Country @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Imperial China, Double Dagger, Zulu Pearls, Black and White Jacksons @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Sat 4/19
Gil Scott-Herron @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Gary Higgons, Brandon Butler @ Velvet Lounge 9:30pm

Cloud Cult, Exit Clov, The Forms, The Beanstalk Library 8:30pm

Sun 4/20
The Starting Line, Bayside & Steel Train @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Greenland, Prabir & the Substitutes @ Black Cat 9pm

Crtical Condition, Usuaria @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Mon 4/21
Eisley, The Myriad @ 9:30 Club 7pm

The Opposite Sex, Poor People Aren't Necessarily Killers @ Black Cat 9pm

When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth, Acheronian, Life Partners @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Constantines, Oakley Hall @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8pm

Tues 4/22
Lou Reed, Melt Banana @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Peelander-Z, Pessimist Parade, Nihilitia @ Black Cat 9pm

Left Lane Committe, Joe Young the Jyant, YoungMello @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Wed 4/23
Tapes 'n Tapes, White Denim @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Bellflur, Hundred Hundred, Seamonster @ Black Cat 9pm

Nudity, Vincent Black Shadow, Insect Factory, Lexie Mountain @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Foals @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8pm

Thurs 4/24
The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello Acoustic; all proceeds go to the Justice Fund) @ Black Cat 8pm

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin, Via Audio @ Black Cat 9pm (backstage)

Hope for Agoldensummer, Dora Bleu, Janel & Anthony @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

French Kicks @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8pm

Fri 4/25
Son Volt, Bobby Bare, Jr. @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Destroyer, Andre Ethier @ Black Cat 9pm

The Black and Tan Fantasy Band, Chicha Libre, Os Magrelos @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Telograph, The Red Romance, The A-Sides @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8pm

Sat 4/26
The B-52s, Eagle Seagull @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Jay Reatard, Cheap Time, The Shirks @ Black Cat 9pm

The Mirror Script, The Chance @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Hello Tokyo, The Frustrations, Five Four @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Sun 4/27
Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth & Keep of Kalessin @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Urge Overkill, Suffrajett @ Black Cat 9pm

The Redline Addiction, The Sort, Collider @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Meat Beat Manifesto, Raz Mesinai Badawi @ Rock and Roll Hotel 8pm

Mon 4/28
Sara Bareilles @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Ingrid, Farewell Republic, Babykiller Estelle @ Black Cat 9pm

John Wayne Hero, The Rosewood Thieves @ DC9 8pm

Kohutek, Cloudland Canyon, Titan, Flying Eyes @ Velvet Lounge 8pm

Tues 4/29
Tokyo Police Club, Smoosh, Meligrove Band @ Black Cat 8pm

Flex Matthews Good Will Inc. @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Wed 4/30
Anti-Flag, Street Dogs @ 9:30 Club 7pm

The Moaners, Argos, Sketchbook @ Black Cat 9pm

Stymphalian Birds & White Eggs, Black Ladies @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Emery, Victory At Last, Crash Boom Bang @ Rock and Roll Hotel 6:30pm



Jen said...

Hey Alex,
If you ever want a buddy for a show, find me through Brian. We've already got Son Volt and Drive By Truckers on our list for the coming weeks.
Also, don't forget Rock N Roll Hotel -- I don't know if you had any of those shows on the list. -jen

Alex said...

Thanks Jen, will do. And I'll add the RnR Hotel shows soon....I appreciate the heads up.

Alex said...

RnR Hotel shows have been added.

Anonymous said...

you should check out the ingrid/farewell republic/babykiller estelle show at black cat. ingrid and babykiller are really unique dc bands and farewell republic is really sweet out of town band.

Alex said...

I might do that, thanks for the heads up.


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