Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lollapalooza is Over, Shows Continue

Due to ill-timed vacations and weddings, you may have noticed our Lollapalooza write-up is taking longer than normal to post. Just know that it is on its way. And I wasn't there, but it looks like the question as to whether one should check out Wilco or Rage Against the Machine was answered rather harshly and abruptly. In the meantime, here are some upcoming August shows in Chicago to keep you busy.

Tues 8/05
She and Him @ Park West 6:30pm

Wed 8/06
Tilly & The Wall, The Ruby Suns, Bart Davenport @ Abbey Pub 8pm

Telepathique, Dri @ Double Door 8pm

Frustrations, Plastic Crimewave Sound @ Empty Bottle 9pm

The Dollyrots, Four Star Alarm @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

King Crimson @ Park West 7:30pm

Thurs 8/07
Bodies of Water, Port O'Brien, Audrye Sessions @ Schubas 9pm

King Crimson @ Park West 7:30pm

Rx Bandits, Portugal the Man, Maps and Atlases @ Metro 6:30pm

Cheeseburger, Team Band, Strange Young Lovers @ Hideout 9pm

High Strung, Beaujolais, The Fake Fictions @ Empty Bottle 9pm

Arctic Sleep, Teith, Beak @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Fri 8/08
We Are Scientists, Oxford Collapse @ Abbey Pub 8pm

Juliette & The Licks, The Donnas @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

STNNNG, Miracle Condition, Gay Baby @ Empty Bottle 8pm

Shellshag, The Arrivals, The Chinese Telephones, Screaming Females, Black Rainbow, Bad Blood @ Beat Kitchen 8pm

The Ladies and Gentlemen, Farewell Captain, The Safes @ Hideout 10pm

Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls), Vermillion Lies, Anna Vogelzang, Emilyn Brodsky @ Lakeshore Theater 10pm

King Crimson @ Park West 7:30pm

Rue Royale @ Schubas 10pm

Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, The Smith Westerns @ Subterranean 9pm

Sat 8/09
Steed Lord, Million Dollar Mano, Hey Champ (DJ Set) @ Abbey Pub 8pm

Trouble, Slough Feg, Bible of the Devil, Pharoah, Icarus Witch @ Double Door 10pm

Thao With The Get Down Stay Down, David Shultz & The Skyline, Pepi Ginsberg @ Empty Bottle 10pm

Vivian Girls, Vena Cava, Canadian Rifle @ People Projects 2pm

Dan Friel, Busmaster, Wet Hair, Windbreaker @ People Projects 8pm

This Bike Is A Pipebomb, The Future Virgins, Party Garbage, Dead Dog, Stupid Party, Sass Dragons, Beach Patrol @ Subterranean 9pm

Sun 8/10
Wye Oak, Brighton, MA @ Hideout 9pm

Das Kapital, The Brokedowns, Sex Advice, Conniption Fitts @ Ronny's 2pm

This Is My Fist, Hidden Spots, Ringers, ADD/C, Tenement, Closet Fairies @ Subterranean 8pm

Wed 8/13
Oh No! Oh My!, The Royal Bangs, Antenna Shoes @ Abbey Pub 8pm

Mostly Bears, Hollows @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Bark Bark Bark, Yea Big/Kid Static, Big Splashes @ Empty Bottle 9pm

Thurs 8/14
The Duke Spirit, Pale Gallery @ Empty Bottle 9pm

These United States, The Lonliest Monk, Raise High The Roof Beam @ Hideout 9pm

James Murphy (DJ set), Pat Mahoney (DJ set) @ Metro (Smart Bar) 9pm

Jukebox The Ghost, The Sunday Runners, Butterfly Assassins @ Schubas 9pm

Fri 8/15
Racebannon, Quatre Tete, Nonagon @ Beat Kitchen 10pm

Pistols at Dawn, Haywood Yards, Teletextiles @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Matthew Dear, Daniel Mnookin, Brian Ffar @ Metro (Smart Bar) 10pm

Teeth Mountain @ People Projects 7pm

Faun Fables, Maurice, The Singleman Affair @ Schubas 10pm

Sat 8/16
Oneida, Dirty Faces, Arriver, Jah Division @ Empty Bottle 10pm

Ida, Track A Tiger @ Schubas 10:30pm

Sun 8/17
Pterodactyl, Parsley Flakes, Ad Astra Per Aspera @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Handsome Furs, D*R*I @ Empty Bottle 10pm

The Ex, Getatchew Mekurya @ Logan Square Auditorium 8pm

Secondhand Serenade, My American Heart, PlayRadioPlay!, The Graduate, Rookie of the Year @ Metro 5:30pm

Elizabeth Mitchell (of Ida) @ Schubas 3pm

Mon 8/18
White / Light, Disappears, Festival, Sharon Van Etten @ Empty Bottle 9pm

Tues 8/19
(Lone) Wolf and Cub, Empires, Lungs @ Empty Bottle 9pm

Wed 8/20
Ghosty, Nouns, Civil Servant @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Flobots @ House of Blues 5:30pm

Thurs 8/21
Eddie Vedder @ Auditorium Theatre 6:30pm

Lucinda Black Bear, Kaiser Cartel @ Schubas 9pm

Fri 8/22
Eddie Vedder @ Auditorium Theatre 6:30pm

Chandeliers, Lazer Crystal @ Hideout 10pm

Ben Weasel, Jetty Boys, The Chinese Telephones, The Repellents @ Reggie's Rock Club 6:30pm

Great Lake Swimmers, Laura Gibson @ Schubas 10pm

The Faint @ Vic Theater 6:30pm

Sat 8/23
Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz, Yak Ballz, Lucky I AM @ Abbey Pub 8pm

Gregory & The Hawk, Meander @ AV-aerie 7pm

Empires, Paper Rival @ Beat Kitchen 6pm

Koufax, Camera, Wallydogger @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Bang!Bang! @ Empty Bottle 10pm

Ben Weasel, Jetty Boys, The Chinese Telephones, The Repellents @ Reggie's Rock Club 5pm

Boat, Creeping Weeds, Take the Panda @ Schubas 10pm

A-Trak @ Subterranean 10pm

Sun 8/24
Tara Jane O'Neil, Zelienople, Relaxation Record @ Schubas 9pm

Tues 8/26
Beaten By Them @ Empty Bottle 9pm

Wed 8/27
Jana Hunter, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Judson Claiborn (of Low Skies) @ Schubas 9pm

Thurs 8/28
Nico Muhly, Doveman, Sam Amidon @ Lakeshore Theater 9pm

Fri 8/29
Bird Names, Warhammer 48k, The Conformists, Beard @ Bottom Lounge 8pm

Sat 8/30
Sweet Cobra, Auxes, Head of Skulls, Bloodiest @ Beat Kitchen 6pm

Semi Precious Weapons, The Last Vegas, Black Actress @ Cobra Lounge 10pm

A/V Murder, Headache City @ Hideout 9pm

Hawnay Troof, Parsley Flakes @ People Projects 7pm

Death Vessel, Micah Blue Smaldone @ Schubas 10pm

Don Caballero, Ponytail @ Subterranean 9:30pm

Sun 8/31
Roky Erickson and The Explosives @ Double Door 8pm

Delta Spirit @ Schubas 9pm


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