Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Retraction (Of Sorts)

Seems an apology is in order. It has come to my attention that tickets for Pearl Jam’s Thursday show at the Vic is actually $150 for a “pair” of tickets. Therefore, you shell out $150 and you get two tickets versus one. Now you’re only paying a much less offensive $75 (probably $85-$90 once you factor in Ticketmaster’s service fees but why be technical) per ticket rather than $150. So my apologies for last week’s libelous and rather ill-informed blog. But since it appears you can only buy tickets in pairs and not individually, Pearl Jam is still kind of screwing those that are of the following:

significant other-less;
friend-less; and
unable to sell the remaining ticket on Craigslist because they’re computer-less.

Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Again, I apologize to Pearl Jam for my stupidity and hope all those lucky enough to secure tickets enjoy the sure-to-be-great show at the very quaint and intimate Vic Theater, which holds about 1,400 people (roughly 700 “pairs”).


Travis said...

You should make every 4th post a retraction. Compete for the title of most unreliable blog on the internet.

Alex said...

Done and done.

My next post is going to be about Jenny Lewis getting into porn.

Travis said...

Or how about posting about Ryan Adam's death? You make that report maybe once or twice a day, and you're bound to get it right sometime in the near future.

Alex said...

Good call. In my retraction to the first "Ryan Adams Dead at the Age of 32" post I'll blame it on listening to the Rock N Roll album backwards which contained what I thought were secret clues telling of Mr. Adams' demise. But on further listen all it was actually saying was "This album really really sucks."

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