Friday, February 8, 2008

NQL Expands Into Louisville and Bloomington, IN Markets!

We here at NQL would like to announce our expansion into a few more musical markets outside the greater Chicago area. We will now provide around-the-clock coverage of the goings-on in Louisville and Bloomington, Indiana (we promise no mention of this guy or worse yet, this guy) as well as other nearby Midwestern locales. For those who frequent this site to wet their indie-beak solely for the Chicago scene, fear not: Chicago is still our hub and our coverage of this somber city will not dwindle. If anything, you'll be reading more about Chicago than ever before, only now the site will be flavored with all that Bloomington and Louisville have to offer. For full disclosure purposes, we would like to mention that we're making this move into Bloomington despite both Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar not giving our demo tape the time of day. Consider this move an olive branch. As for Louisville, to get properly acclimated we have recently purchased a horse, a lock of Jim James' hair, and a recording studio on Muhammad Ali Blvd. that will solely be used for primal scream therapy.

Because of this monumental growth, we will hire interns to help carry some of the load. Your responsibilities will include organizing the NQL Summer Music Festival in Effingham, Illinois (chosen because it is equidistant from Chicago, Louisville, and Bloomington) and orchestrating our inevitable move to Brooklyn in three months. It will be unpaid and no college credit will be awarded. In fact, you'll be working so hard you'll probably have to drop out of college. If interested, please send a resume and writing sample to Welcome aboard Louisville and Bloomington, it is going to be a fun ride!

--NQL Staff


Anonymous said...

John Mellencamp wrote some decent music in his day. I'm not necessarily crazy about anything he's done in the last 10 years, but his string of Scarecrow, Lonesome Jubilee and Big Daddy was fine music.


Alex said...

Yeah, I agree, he wrote a lot of good hits, it was kind of a joke.

But there is still no way in hell we will give any mention to the other "this guy".

Alex said...

....btw, anonymous, keep a weekend open this summer for the blowout in Effingham.

Jen said...

Hm, I think this is a well-devised plot by Brian to get me missing the Midwest, rejoin the Bloomington ranks, and resume hanging out in seedy-yet-smoke-free B-town bars. I like it.

Brian said...

Wrong, Jen. It's a well-devised plan to get you to dance.

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