Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pitchfork Schooled In Irony And Tom Schraeder Has An Ego

When I logged onto Pitchfork yesterday, I was greeted with the headline "Yes, That Was an Arcade Fire Song in a Super Bowl Ad". For those that watched the big game (and according to Nielson, most of you did), Fox very conspicuously used "No Cars Go" in the background while hyping their own NFL on Fox. According to Pitchfork, Fox used the song without permission from Mr. Butler and Co. But here's where things get hilarious. Pitchfork then writes "We knew these guys (Arcade Fire) were sports fans..." and then linked to their ridiculous post from this past summer where they just put up pictures of the band playing basketball. Notice that the pictures are no longer there. Then, take notice of the comment at the bottom that says "Photos removed at the request of the photographer. Sorry!". Yes, that's correct, they were lambasting Fox for using an Arcade Fire song without permission, meanwhile linking to a post of pictures of our heroes to the north getting their hoop on...which had originally been lifted off of someone's flickr page without permission. Nice work. Not to be outdone, the forces here at NQL are currently putting together a slide show of Rupert Murdoch logging onto Pitchfork at a Harlem Globetrotters' game while his Audi sits out front of the stadium on idle and "Keep the Car Running" plays in the background. And no, we're not getting anyone's permission. Not even Curly's.

Quick heads-up....every Monday of this month local artist Tom Schraeder & His Ego will be at Schubas for a month-long residency. A gifted songwriter at the age of 23 (many lauded his set at this summer's Lollapalooza), Schraeder and his band promise a different set delivered in a different style each night. I was there last night and recommend at least one visit if you can find the time. Also, a great rock band from Birmingham, Wild Sweet Orange, opened last night and will opening on the 11th and 18th as well. And Pitchfork, no hard feelings, we still love you.


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Alex said...

In case anyone was wondering, that's the best picture of Curly I could find. It was between that tiny picture or a cartoon image from when he guest starred on Scooby-Doo with the rest of the 'Trotters. I went with the small one.

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