Monday, May 5, 2008

Even More Upcoming Shows in DC!

Herein lies a sneak preview into what's going on in DC the second week of May. Not bad. In fact, I bet even our resident comment-leaving-friend in Renton, Washington is excited.

Thurs 5/08
El-P with DJ Mr. Dibbs and The Mighty Quin & Dizzee Rascal with special guest DJ Aaron LaCrate, Busdriver @ 9:30 Club 8pm

British Sea Power, The Rosebuds, Jeffrey Lewis @ Black Cat 8pm

The Cave Singers, Love As Laughter, Bellman Barker @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8pm

The Brew, Butros Butros @ DC9 8:30pm

Fri 5/09
Drive-By Truckers, The Dexateens @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Polvo, Sir Arthur and his Royal Knights, The Oranges Band @ Black Cat 9pm

The Parlor Mob, Hello Society, Bottles/Cans, Don't Be Glib @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8:30pm

The Points, Mas Y Mas, Big Bobby & the Nightcaps @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Sat 5/10
Drive-By Truckers, The Dexateens @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Drop Electric, Damn Right!, V:shal Kanwar, Son of Nun @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Koko, New York Times, Nerd Parade @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Sun 5/11
The Scare, Police & Thieves, Lion of Judah @ Black Cat 9pm (backstage)

Tony Scheer Trio featuring Anton Fier (The Feelies/Lounge Lizards/Golden Palominos) & Rob Jost, Sean McArdle, 2090 (VA shoegaze, ex-The Offering) @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Lady Hawk, Neva Dinova, Prabir & Substitutes @ DC9 8:30pm

Mon 5/12
The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Wild Fictions, Drew Danburry, Lode Runner @ Black Cat 9pm (backstage)

EAR PWR, Hot Lava, Hermit Thrushes @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Umoja Orchestra, Square Trio, Black and Tan Fantasy Band @ 8:30pm

Tues 5/13
The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Red Racer, Mother @ Black Cat 9pm (backstage)

Snowden, Colour Revolt, The Epochs, Bellflur @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8pm

Wed 5/14
Uh Huh Her, Angie Mattson @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Cobra Collective, Dennis Kane, Once Okay Twice @ Black Cat 9pm (backstage)

Kid Goat, Jelly Roll Mortals, The Stationary Set @ DC9 8:30pm

--Alex Crisafulli

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