Thursday, May 1, 2008

Upcoming DC Shows

After Louisville turned in a rather dreadful May showing, we thought we'd just reveal the first week of what DC has to offer so as not to hurt the most northern southern city's feelings. Besides, Louisville has some bigger fish to fry.

Thurs 5/01
RJD2, Happy Chichester @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Van Hunt (Solo Acoustic), Shae Fiol @ Black Cat 8pm

Pinche Gringo (one-man garage band from Mexico), The Face Accidents @ Velvet Lounge 8pm

The Redwalls, Baby Teeth, Julie Ocean @ DC9 8:30pm

Fri 5/02
Crowded House, Don McGlashan @ 9:30 Club 7pm

The Kills, Telepathe @ Black Cat 9pm

See-I, S.T.O.R.M., The Video Killers, DJ Slant @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Caverns, Black & White Jacksons, New Rock Church of Fire, Hammer No More the Fingers @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Sat 5/03
Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Ivoryline, The Photo Atlas @ 9:30 Club 5pm

Jukebox the Ghost, Travis Morrison Hellfighters, The XYZ Affair @ Black Cat 9pm

South, KI: Theory, The Silver State, Johnny Lloyd Rollins @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8:30pm

Iron Man (original MD doom, Hellhound Records)/Revelation/Pale Divine @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Hoots And Hellmouth, The Method, By And By @ DC9 9pm

Sun 5/04
MN8 Presents BILAL @ 9:30 Club 8pm

Cat Furniture, Lisa Jaeggi, Maple Rabbit @ Black Cat 8pm (backstage)

Earth, Kayo Dat, Stymphalian Birds @ Rock & Roll Hotel 8pm

Sudden Infant (experimental noise from Germany), Violet, Twilight Memories of the Three Suns, Caustic Castle @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Mon 5/05
The Electric Prunes, (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope @ Black Cat 8pm

Tues 5/06
Midnight Juggernauts, Shy Child @ 9:30 Club 7pm

Singer (ex-US Maple/90 Day Men/Town & Country), Dan Higgs (of Lungfish, Thrill Jockey/Holy Mountain), Suns of Guns, Authorization (ex-Black Eyes, mem. of Insect Factory) @ Velvet Lounge 9pm

Wed 5/07
Apocalypticaw, Easy Star All-Stars @ 9:30 Club 7pm

The Teenagers, Team Robespierre, DJ Will Eastman @ Black Cat 8pm

mad happy, Bookmobile, We Will Eat Rats to Survive @ Velvet Lounge 9pm


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