Thursday, July 24, 2008

2008 Pitchfork Festival--Union Park, Chicago, Illinois (Sunday)

For reasons that will become obvious when you get to the end of this short post, my Sunday account was partially derailed in a moment of non-ambidexterity. But here's all you really need to know about Sunday: it was hot, Tim Harrington was in a trashcan, and Spiritualized blew minds. We will have a more acceptable Sunday recap from another contributor up later.

I have been gone from Chicago for less than four months and they deactivated my CTA Smartcard. Hey Chicago, what gives? I won't forget this.

Rex Grossman haunts me even at large "indie" music festivals.

During Spiritualized, Scott...uh...did something...sorry, I just don't have the energy for this anymore.

See that guy in the straw-looking hat? The one with his arm resting on top of the fence? (I can't believe there are two people with straw-looking hats in this picture.) Well, he's in the VIP section, and at least three times I saw him lean over and spit on the other side of the fence. Our side. The not-so-important-section. Who does this a-hole think he is? And Pitchfork pulled the same crap as last year. The Chipotle brand was plastered all over the 2008 Festival brochures and website, but the only way to gain access to the Chipotle tent was to be in the VIP section. Outrageous. Besides, how many burritos does Jim DeRogatis actually need?*

And here we reach the finale. See that blank picture above? Well, during Dinosaur Jr., I was fumbling around for my camera, pulled it out of my pocket, lost a grip on it, and it plunged directly into my beer that I was holding in my left hand. Worse, when it landed in my beer, it took a picture with the flash on. So if you've ever wondered what the inside of a beer looks like, there you go. (Between you and me, I was expecting something a bit cooler. Maybe at least a bubble or two.) The pictures and beer ended up being salvageable. As of right now I can't say the same for the camera. If anyone has any cleansing tips I would be eternally grateful.

*Editor's note: I cringed as I typed this. I love Jim DeRogatis. Even when I disagree with him, I always find his opinion fair and informed. Still, in my opinion, a remotely funny jokes trumps common decency.



Tankboy said...

I too enjoy DeRo's writing, but admit that the oly time I ever saw him at PFork WAS backstage, sitting on a bench.

And I know the guy in the straw hat and can saw with reasonably confidence he wasn't intentionally "spitting on the little people." I think.

Alex said...

Damn. You know everybody!

Just curious, would Jim Dero have been offended by that comment? He's always seemed pretty self-deprecating when I read his stuff. (Not that he would ever read this page in the first place, but, you know.)

Peter said...

Re: camera recovery
My trick for wet electronics is to remove the batteries, open anything that will open, and place it in a sealed Tupperware that is partially filled with rice, which tends to extract the moisture.
I don't know about the beer stickiness problem, but it worked on my wife's phone that was dropped in a pee-filled toilet for several seconds.

Alex said...


Do you also have advice as to the best way to clean your hands after reaching into a urine-filled toilet to retrieve a (most likely) outdated cell phone?

Peter said...

Actually, it was both out of date and out of contract, so in hindsight her best course of action probably would have been to just flush.
The more important hygienic question that people usually ask is whether or not we eventually cooked and ate the rice. We did not.

Alex said...

My camera is fixed! I can't believe that worked. Thanks, Pete.

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